Breakfast Programs

These programs typically feature a guest speaker on a strategic, thought-provoking topic. These sessions also provide time for members to exchange ideas and discuss practical applications and HR best practices.

Who attends: Breakfast programs are open to HRLF members and prospective members free of charge (approved guests are $50 - see our guest policy, no alternates or substitutions please).

Location: ROAM Perimeter Center, 1151 Hammond Dr. #240, Atlanta, GA 30346
Program Time: In-Person Hybrid - 7:30AM – 10:00AM, breakfast will be served / Virtual 8:00AM – 9:45AM
Note: to view a description for a specific event, click on the date.

Pop-up Meetings

Pop-up meetings are open to all HRLF members, are intimate, short-notice, virtual meetings on relevant topics that have popped up where our members benefit from a timely discussion.  You can view scheduled pop-up meetings here.

Roundtable Meetings

Four roundtable groups meet on a regular basis: the Senior HR, Small Cap HR and Talent Management roundtables for our corporate members, and the Service Provider roundtable for our service provider members. Corporate members may attend one, or all of the corporate roundtables depending on their interests. Roundtable meetings are informal, facilitated conversations about best practices within member organizations. 

Who attends: The Senior HR, Lean HR & Small Cap, and Talent Management Roundtable meetings are held exclusively for HRLF corporate practitioner members and select corporate prospective members who meet our membership criteria, free of charge and the service provider roundtable meetings are held for HRLF service provider members free of charge (no guests, alternates or substitutions please).

Meeting time:

Virtual: 8:00AM – 9:30AM
In-person: 7:30AM – 9:30AM, breakfast will be served

Note: to view a description for a specific event, click on the date.

Sr, HR Roundtable

Senior HR Roundtable

In-person Location: Novelis, Two Alliance Center, 3560 Lenox Road, Atlanta, GA 30326

Small Cap HR Roundtable

Lean HR & Small Cap Roundtable


Talent Management Roundtable

Talent Management Roundtable


Service Provider Roundtable

Service Provider Roundtable

In-person Location: TRC (March) &
Mercer (October)

About HRLF

The Human Resource Leadership Forum of Atlanta (HRLF Atlanta) is a nonprofit professional association (501(c)6) and network of human resource executives and senior-level professionals incorporated in 1993.

The HRLF focuses on meeting the career growth needs of the top corporate human resource executive and top human resource development executive in large and mid-sized firms in metro Atlanta.

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