Membership Interest Application

Membership Critera 
Our current membership focus is:

  • Medium to large organizations or divisions (more than 1,000 employees) - the top HR and talent executive who has demonstrated strategic responsibility, who has broad HR generalist strategic responsibilities or who has strategic OD/OE/DEI/talent management and/or learning responsibilities in their current role or a previous role.
  • Small organizations or division headquarters of large, complex organizations (less than 1,000 employees) - only the top HR executive and only if the leader has demonstrated strategic HR responsibility in that role or a previous role.
  • Service provider membership consists of individuals representing organizations, which provide human resources services to businesses. Note: Our bylaws require that at least 80% of our membership consist of corporate members. We currently have a freeze on accepting new service providers as members.


Membership Fees 
An individual annual membership is for one calendar year (January 1st through December 31st) and includes the member's attendance at all HRLF events. Once your application is received and reviewed by the membership committee, you will be contacted via e-mail regarding your application status. If accepted, you will be invoiced for the annual membership fee.

About HRLF

The Human Resource Leadership Forum of Atlanta (HRLF Atlanta) is a nonprofit professional association (501(c)6) and network of human resource executives and senior-level professionals incorporated in 1993.

The HRLF focuses on meeting the career growth needs of the top corporate human resource executive and top human resource development executive in large and mid-sized firms in metro Atlanta.

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